Quantum MechanicsΒΆ

Well, we have no intentions to go over much about Quantum Mechanics. You are supposed to master the basics of Quantum Mechanics before continuing.

Beginning this section, we will gradually step into the path integral approach to a quantum theory. As all our contemporaries, we start from the path integral formalism of Quantum Mechanics, and then transit to Quantum Field Theory.

To make sure that you are fully prepared, please review the following list and see if you can identify all of them

  • Schrodinger Equation (Time Dependent and Time Independent)
  • Typical Solutions of Schrodinger Equation (e.g. harmonic oscillators)
  • States, observables, and their implementations (Hilbert space and operators) and interpretations (e.g. expectation values).
  • Dirac Notation
  • The three pictures of Quantum Mechanics, and their relationships.