What is Path Integral Project?ΒΆ

I promise, this might be the most comprehensible introduction of Quantum Field Theory existed, ever. Indeed, the Quantum Field Theory can be one of the most powerful but complicated advanced physical theories ever created. And, I was one of the many victims of this complication.

However, we want to put this situation to an end. Instead of directly throwing piles of academic illustration, we hope to clarify all the logic during the construction of Quantum Field Theory. Moreover, it is also expected that some mathematical structures in Quantum Field Theory to be clarified if possible.

Accordingly, the Path Integral Project emerges. This project will do a profound investigation towards the construction of Quantum Field Theory, and to see if any amendments during this process will provide hint towards a valid quantised gravitational theory.

Excited? Then just follow my pace to the next section. Welcome to the world of quantum field theory.